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You Are Loved by High-Class-Trash You Are Loved by High-Class-Trash
Ergh tried shading abit differently but it went wrong on the black wolf .-.
it's too thick but I really cant be bothered to change it xDD

okay so some may know that this is Larka sitting with Larka's old design 
the one I made about 3 years ago..
well I was listening to a song and then I heard the chorus

'When you look down, does it seem so far away?
are the names so hard to take?
great escape
we are not so different I can tell
i've stood right where you're standing 
bruised, battered, beaten, broken down
wore the frown
but I'm here to tell you
that you are loved'

and it got me thinking
i'm not the person I was 2 years ago, I'm no where near that person anymore. 
i've grown alot , and I've learnt to just not care ..honestly if you lived everyday of your life saying 'why worry?' 
it's weirdly encouraging...i don't care anymore, I don't let the small things get to me, even the big things sometimes..I just face life as it comes ya'know
and If I could tell myself 2 years ago , a bullied, depressed and lonely child that it's not worth worrying about, there's no point, life gets better and you won't feel like shit all the time...It's only been 2 years but ..the change in me is huge and ..well yeah ..this picture happened because of it c:

also look how smol larka got x'DD she used to be fairly tol now..she smol 

~Larka-lou :heart:

Art and characters (c) me -High-Class-Trash
Song (c) Set it off - You are loved
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January 28, 2016
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