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Happy birthday bab ! by High-Class-Trash Happy birthday bab ! by High-Class-Trash
This is a birthday gift for my bab CynicArcane

I'm so sorry if it's bad or doesnt really look like him ;-; I legit tried 
After you did a post of him being all cute looking I really really wanted to try make him precious, even if it's ooc 

I wasn't sure if you still used Jayven (cause he had no ref) or if ghost took over as your main sona? so ..I kinda tried my best with this 
it originanlly had him laying on a bed of smoke stuff but ..sai wouldn't co-operate when I made the file a PNG so I had to scrap it and add that..oval...

The idea was meant to be all cheshire cat style, half there half not in mid air but you can see that back fired xD

I really hope I did him some kind of justice because I really wanted to give something back 
you're so kind
and sweet and honestly you deserve really good things in life 

I know there's a lot going on in your life right now, and this won't fix any of it but I hope it at least makes you a little happier.
just remember, no matter what, I got your back c:

happy birthday mush :heart:
-throws love at-


art (c) me :iconhigh-class-trash:
Character (c) :iconcynicarcane:
CynicArcane Featured By Owner May 7, 2017
awe thank you so much
im gonna cry,
this made me smile and feel a little better
thank you so much again
My Ghost bby is very cute, I love his little tongue sticking out.
secretly I am redesigning Jayven and keep telling myself to work on my comic but I never do because I am lazy afQ.Q
Ghost is like my mascot character/ vent/ experimental-ish chara. Jayven is still going to be my fursona when I finish with him >:U that sounds so harsh lmao
But thank you I really love it <3 
High-Class-Trash Featured By Owner May 8, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
;-; it's okay bab -pats- 
im glad if it helped even slightly 
you're a good bab so you deserve lots of loves ;u;

just means i'll have to wait and when the time comes, expect so much jayven!

but really, im glad you like it
(even if it didn't really go how i'd hoped, gonna do some touch-ups soon)
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